Kio the seahorse


Ambassador of Ocean Preservation.




We created a Children's Book

to tell the story of




& how she helps to preserve

the beauty of the oceans.



Kio, the seahorse maiden is on a mission to save the oceans. She gets born into a plastic polluted environment and takes action to rise the awareness about this topic. She knows, that the oceans need our help. Her story is full of adventures, excitement and wonders. Meet her friends and feel the sadness of the gods. She speaks about the universal love and encourages children to be self-responsible and take actions. We all need the future generations to keep our paradise beautiful!

Available in English, German, Spanish & Catalan

The Nature Project

by ProArtSo


Based on Ibiza we are a Team of environmentalists and artists, working to preserve the


Beauty of the island.


our focus is on cleaning the ocean and coastline from plastics, reproducing bee's and educating the following generation about environmental care taking.



Ibiza Quills


We love Ibiza, the multi-kultiness

and awesome creativity it inspires.


Be a part of the IQ community.

Participate in Creative Workshops,

Literary Salons, Writing Groups,

Wordslams and Poetry Pop-ups.

Get creative writing, with images or simply appreciating.

Online and on island.

Earn IQ Nibs for every interaction.

Feel rewarded and get awarded.

Annual IQ Golden Nib Awards!



Libro Azul


Until now my most important heart project. Running for three years this wonderful bookshop on Ibiza. Transforming it into a modern


meeting point for wisdom and people.


Closed it at the end of December 2017 to be able to realize diverse projects.